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Laser Engraving Machine

Selmatron is delighted to introduce one of its latest specialized machines, developed specifically for EMAF 2023, one of the biggest industrial trade fairs in Portugal.


This machine was designed to showcase the extensive expertise involved in creating custom machinery that enables efficient and personalized automation of industrial processes.


In this article, we'll highlight the advantages of the technologies and software deployed in the machine and explore their applicability in other industrial contexts.


Máquina Selmatron   Máquina Selmatron   Máquina Selmatron



How It Works


The operation of the machine is straightforward and effective. Visitors were invited to access a dedicated web page where they could enter personal information like their name, phone number, email, and company, and input the message they wanted engraved on a pen. Upon data confirmation, a message was sent, and the machine was activated to select a pen, perform the customized engraving, and finally, deliver the pen to the visitor.


Máquina Selmatron




Technical Details and Benefits


Selmatron has incorporated various technologies into this special machine, providing the following technical and operational advantages:


Multi-Platform Interactivity: The use of a multi-platform web page enabled visitors to interact with the machine via their devices, making the user experience more accessible and convenient.

Security and Hosting: To ensure secure access and data protection, the web page was hosted on a VPS (Virtual Private Server), showcasing the technology's accessibility for small businesses without advanced IT resources.


MQTT Protocol and Encryption: The messages exchanged between the web page and the machine utilized MQTT protocol, adding an extra layer of security and preventing direct access to the machine's address.


Edge Learning: Using Cognex's Smart Camera Edge Learning technology, it was possible to accurately detect the pen's position for robotic retrieval, yielding results comparable to Deep Learning but with fewer samples and iterations.


Synchronization and Flexibility: The SVS-Vistek vision system's synchronization with Beckhoff's Motion XTS System allowed for precise measurements on the pens without requiring the item to stop for analysis.


Multi-Tasking Robot: The integrated robot performed multiple tasks, some of which would typically require pneumatic systems (e.g., opening/closing doors).


Esquema funcionamento

Functional Diagram


3D Visualization



Technologies and Equipment Used


- Orders reception from the web platform via MQTT
- XTS Motion


- Edge Learning
- Orientation Detection


- Synchronization with Motion XTS
- Datamatrix reading while in motion
- Motion-correlated measurements with the jig


- Control via TCP/IP communication
- User-customized messages


- Open/Close laser cabin doors
- Pick/Place the pen with orientation, if necessary
- Delivery of the pen to the user


- Custom colors corresponding to the machine's operation messages


  • LED RGBW Interior Lighting of the Machine

- Custom colors corresponding to the machine's operation messages


  • Vibrosystems Vibratory Feeding Systems

- Feeder with bowl, linear track, and upper tank


  • User Interface

- Labview
- Integration of the vision system (PC-based)
- Integration of the vision system (smart camera)
- Manual controls for all equipment
- Machine functionalities monitoring


  • Web Platform for User Orders

- Website with HTTPS certification
- Hosted on a VPS (Virtual Private Server)
- Sending of orders to the PLC via MQTT
- Activity logging in an SQL database

Máquina Selmatron




Applicability in Various Industrial Contexts


 This special machine from Selmatron offers versatile applications that bring advantages in various industrial settings, including:


  • Decentralized Automation: The decentralized web platform allows for the supervision and interaction with the machines through existing computer platforms. This enables access within private networks or remotely.
  • Modularization and Integration: The use of VPS allows for modularizing the solution and integrating different private or cloud servers, making it adaptable to the specific needs of each client.
  • Flexible Protocol: The freely usable MQTT protocol offers flexibility in implementation, either through public or private brokers. This allows for adaptation to each client's security and encryption needs.
  • Efficiency and Quality: The technologies used, such as Edge Learning and the synchronization of the vision system with XTS, allow for precise measurements and pattern detection without interrupting production, increasing both the efficiency and quality of the processes. The XTS system also allows for asynchronous execution of processes and construction flexibility, enabling the organization of single and multiple stations in a hybrid manner.
  • Efficient Data Exchange: The interface communicates with the PLC through the ADS protocol, enabling its implementation in various languages at a high acquisition rate, as well as data loggers with superior resolution and a more fluid interface. ADS is a communication protocol developed by Beckhoff to allow efficient real-time data exchange between different components, which is essential for applications where synchronization and quick response are crucial.
  • Robot Integration: Currently, integrated robots in machines perform multiple tasks, including some that typically require pneumatic systems (such as opening and closing doors). Pneumatic systems are generally more energy-expensive.




The special machine developed by Selmatron for EMAF 2023 showcases the company's high level of expertise in designing special industrial automation machines. The use of advanced technologies and intelligent integration results in a versatile, safe, and efficient machine that can be applied in various industrial contexts, bringing significant benefits to Selmatron's clients.


Proving its dedication to innovation and excellence, Selmatron continues to open new possibilities for modern industry, offering customized and competitive solutions.


We present some examples in the industry where these technologies can be applied:


  • Promotional and Personalization Industry (custom production of promotional items)
  • Automotive Industry (component engraving)
  • Pharmaceutical Industry (batch and expiration codes)
  • Electronics Industry (component marking)
  • Food and Beverage Industry (custom engraving of packaging and labels)
  • Metallurgical Industry (engraving of metal parts)
  • Logistics and Transportation Industry (marking of packaging and boxes)
  • Medical Industry (custom engraving on medical devices)
  • Cosmetics and Hygiene Industry (engraving on packaging)
  • Textile and Fashion Industry (engraving of labels and logos)

In summary, the technologies used in this special machine can be adapted to various industries, bringing specific advantages to each sector, such as increased efficiency, traceability, customization capabilities, standardization, and consistent quality. The ability to adapt it to the needs of each business makes it a versatile, safe, and efficient solution for industrial automation in different contexts.


These technologies are crucial for boosting the efficiency and competitiveness of your business!

Do you have a project in mind or would you like to know more about Selmatron?





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