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Innovation, competence and accuracy.

Innovation, competence and accuracy

Selmatron, S.A., Founded in 2005, is a company specialized in integrated automation systems for the development of special machines, industrial systems and electric switchboards. We have developed a broad and complementary range of competencies that allow us to design and realize differentiating engineering solutions, which recommend automation, electrotechnology, mechanics and software in a complementary way.

Partnership with the client as a strategic pillar

We are prepared for a constant evolution that provides a dynamic capable of building a continuous improvement strategy. The ability to fully understand the demands of the market is essential to continuously train our human resources as a key distinguishing factor for the success and excellence of our company.

Our engineering teams work hand in hand with our clients on their projects so that they can overcome obstacles.

Quality and transparency

We make commitments based on our technical skills, capable of promoting and developing the activity with quality and transparency, as an essential action for the business continuity and customer loyalty. We want and want those who collaborate with us, have an attitude of rigor, professionalism, competence and ability to make compromises.

We have the defined orientation so that our work is executed in time with the best techniques, best products, creativity and innovation, because only in this way can we add value and create full satisfaction to our customers.

Mission, vision and values