Special Machines


Special Machines

Solutions to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of manufacturing processes

Systems integration with industrial automation

The digitalization and industrialization motivates constant evolutions in all business models. As a way of ensuring competitiveness, industries need to reduce production times, improve flexibility and quality, reduce resource consumption and guarantee total safety.

Engineering is the central core for the development and industrialization of an equipment

We attribute focus to the development and design of the solution, with planning of execution, production and commissioning, with specialized technical support services as a way to closely follow the specific needs of the process.

We integrate cutting edge industrial systems and support our customers, from concept to after-sales services, with trained experts in the tecnology we integrate in our projects.

Some of the brands for which we have specialized know how:

Siemens Beckhoff Beijer
SMC Oriental Banner

Industrial Automation

  • Software
    • PLC and HMI programming
    • Motion Control
    • Computer applications for control and supervision
    • Access to industrial databases
  • Mechanics
    • Project Draft
    • Test benchs
    • Assembly benchs
    • Transport and Handling
    • Jigs / Gabaris
    • Assembly lines
  • Electrics
    • Electrical sizing
    • Machine security
    • Project and documentation
  • Pneumatics and Hydraulics
    • Process
    • Pneumatic sizing
    • Hydraulic sizing
    • Project and documentation
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