We make a daily commitment to the quality of our services and products.

Excellence, Quality and Innovation

Selmatron,S.A. plans, determines and applies its management through methods focused on objectives, principles and processes, whose definition of its mission, vision and values are decisive in meeting the needs and expectations of its Clients, Employees, Shareholders, Suppliers and other Entities, ensuring the best practices that contribute to ensure the sustainability of the business.

Selmatron, S.A. assumes with responsibility and ethics, the fulfillment of all the regulatory, statutory, legal and social normative requirements, as well as others to which the organization subscribes.

Its positioning and recognition are based on expansion of its activities, based on a Quality Policy, defined in the following principles:

  • Identify needs and expectations of our customers and the market, both national and international, so that we are able to contribute to the full satisfaction of their requirements.
  • Plan our actions by promoting the training, information and dissemination of our products and services, aimed at continuous improvement.
  • Produce and deliver products, integrated solutions and innovative services through appropriate management practices.
  • Establish relationships of mutual trust and trust with our suppliers, through business opportunities, betting on competitive systems and services
  • Establish partnerships geared to the benefits of stakeholders.


Under the standard NP EN ISO 9001:2015, the scope of certification includes:

  • Design, Production, Installation and Technical Assistance of Integrated Systems of Industrial Automation and Electrical Cabinets
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