Industrial Electrical Cabinets


Industrial Electrical Cabinets

Integration on the most rigorous industrial environments

Efficient electrical solutions for rigorous requirements

The experience of our team provides reliability and quality to our electrotechnical services. We design, develop and install electrical cabinets in accordance with the customers' requirements, recommending the most suitable products for integration into all industrial environments.

With a structured layout, our technical team performs the marking of all the relevant equipment and connections in order to allow the quick intervention of the maintenance team, for a significant time reduction of the preventive maintenance plan operations.

Selmatron electrical cabinets ensure full compliance with the applicable standards

The users of electrical cabinets safety is a priority for us. We have a rigid tests methodology for the electrical cabinets validation in order to guarantee the total safety of the all parties involved.

The engineering of the project is executed with the EPLAN engineering tool. The EPLAN platform, as a consistent engineering solution, ensures the execution of the project with efficient engineering results, with higher quality in both the execution of the equipment and the technical documentation.

In ISO9001:2015 certification, Selmatron has the "Design, Production, Installation and Technical Assistance of electrical cabinets" as a way to increase the effectiveness of control, traceability and fulfillment of expectations and requirements.


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