Industrial Systems


Industrial Systems

Efficient industrial systems to ensure production traceability and reliability

Industrial systems are fairly connected to the customer's production process. These guarantee the traceability of the collected data, ensuring integration between validation and measurement equipments in the production process, offering robustness and reliability.

Validate the industrial productive process

Through the integration of the most technologically advanced equipments with industrial automation, we promote the design of systems to validate the industrialization of a product, with the objective of detecting points of failure in the design and development, before the product is placed on the market.

In constant cooperation with the customer and a restricted set of qualified suppliers, our engineering team develops integrated automation systems that guarantee Security and increase Productivity, with high Quality standards.

Security, Productivity and Quality

Industrial automation systems give equipment the ability to prevent certain specific product features from endangering end users due to production failures.

Our engineering team, with specialized know-how, it is composed of experts trained in:

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  • Production Process

    Efficient production systems, with a short cycle time and concrete goals.
    A functional validation or dimensional control equipment can be integrated to guarantee production control.

    Main benefits

    • Systematized production
    • Validation of assembly process
    • Detection of product failure during assembly
    • Process traceability

  • Product Efficiency Assessment

    Semiautomatic test systems with high class instrumentation and rigorous calculations. Typically, the testing methodologies are implemented in accordance with international standards for efficiency categories assessment.
    The final result is stored and processed according to the customer's requirements and can be exported as a report in word, excel, pdf, csv, etc.

    These systems are frequently implemented in laboratories and audits.

    Main benefis

    • Higher configuration range when compared to production systems with fast tests and simplified execution
    • Higher speed in prototype validation under real and controlled conditions
    • More rigorous product failures detection
    • Production batch control
  • Endurance Tests

    Systems for equipment useful life simulation by testing a specific functionality to the breaking point.
    These systems are frequently implemented in laboratories and audits.

    Main benefits

    • Validate the industrialization of a product
    • Detect points of design failure before the product is placed on the market
  • Leak Tests

    Test systems to ensure hermetic properties of a component. These properties may be decisive for the correct operation of the product, as well as for the safety of the end user.

    Main benefits

    • Ensure the end user's safety in the use of the product
    • Traceability of the product per unit and per lot
    • Prevent the product damage due to a damaged component
  • Security Tests

    Production systems that incorporate market standard equipments, automating the validation of the tests to various physical quantities.

    Main benefits

    • Ensure compliance with safety directives and standards
    • Ensure end-user security
    • Traceability per unit and batch of product