Machine Safety


Machine Safety

Safety is the primary concern for all engineering and manufacturing operations.

Safety is a major concern for all companies for engineering and manufacturing operations planning. We understand the importance of security, especially when developing an industrial system.

Ensure regulatory requirements for safety

We collaborate with customers in order to guarantee the regulatory requirements for safety by complying with the practices set forth in the standard ISO13849-1, in order to evaluate the performance level of the equipments to be integrated in the project, sizing them to the level of the safety risk predicted for the application. We promote the Safety Risk Assessment for all projects where applicable, through the methodologies provided in the standard ISO12100, in accordance with the Machinery Directive.
The technical team responsible for elaborating the documentation of the industrialization projects compiles all the information in the Technical Dossier of Manufacture: project, risk assessment, calculation of sizing, certification and detailed listing of all the components recommended in the project. The file of this information guarantees that at any moment the customer can promote changes to his equipment, returning to the Technical Dossier of Manufacture at the exact point where it was compiled, at the end of the project.

Some of the technologies for which we have specialized know how and that we typically integrate in Industrial Safety projects:

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