Equipments Revamping


Equipments Revamping

A team with specialized know how to ensure the technical feasibility of revamping projects.

In industry it is frequently necessary to promote the reconditioning of an equipment in order to ensure the constant update of the efficiency, productive capacity, quality and safety. Often these equipments become obsolete and it is verified the need to increase their productive capacity or to give them new functionalities.

We offer a specialized technical team for the elaboration of the Technical File, ensuring the complete compliance of the new requirements and functionalities with the applicable Directives.

We ensure the feasibility of revamping projects

The solution may be the complete or partial reconstruction of the machine, depending on its general state, integrating cutting edge technology for the new functionalities.

We work in partnership with the notified bodies for product certification and CE marking, interpreting the intervention needs at the safety level described in the technical reports. Our experts ensure the compliance of the implemented solutions, ensuring the fulfillment with the requirements defined in the technical report.

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